Athlete On The Rise...Freshman Lacrosse Player, Cam Wyers @Wyers16

Name: Cameron Wyers       

Nickname: Cammy J, Wyers

High School: Osgoode Township    

Graduation Year: 2018

Club Team: Ottawa Nemesis Lacrosse    

Position: Defense

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What aspects of your game are you working on to improve?

I look on improving my footwork, positioning and slides, just too all around improve my game.

What makes you unique?

I find that my size makes me unique on the field I think it adds a bit of an intimidation factor on the field for attackmen. 

Who Are Your Role Models? Why?

My role models would be my coaches Greg Wallace and Kevin Wallace I look up to those guys a lot because they are always letting me know how I can improve my game and become a better lacrosse player

What Would Your Teammates Say About You?

I think my teammates would consider me a leader and a friend.

Who Helped You Improve Your Game The Most?

Since this was only my second year playing field lacrosse I would say my coaches Kevin and Greg would have helped me the most

What MLL or College Lacrosse Player Do You Model Your Game After?

I like modeling my game after Brodie Merrill, I enjoy watching him play and I try to learn new things by watching the way he plays

What Is Your Favorite Subject In High School?

I enjoy math because I like working with numbers and learning new ways to solve problems

What Do You Want To Accomplish In High School?

I am trying to accomplish maintaining my position on the honor roll, also I want to be involved with extra circular sports and groups so I can make high school the best experience possible for me.

Top Three Colleges On Your Dream List You Want To Attend?

University of Vermont, Boston University, University of Tampa Bay