Athlete On The Rise...Freshman Lacrosse Player, Nathan Grenon @NatterGren

Name: Nathan Grenon                            Nickname: Natter

High School:   South Carleton High School           

Graduation Year: 2018

Club Team(s): South Carleton Lacrosse Team, Nepean Knights, Ottawa Nemesis

What aspects of your game are you working on to improve?

I am working on:

Split Dodges


My Shot

Positional Knowledge


What makes you unique?

 What makes me unique is my explosiveness, my intensity and tenacity.

Who Are Your Role Models? Why?

My role model is Colin Doyle 

What Would Your Teammates Say About You?

I am an Energetic and Intense Player

Who Helped You Improve Your Game The Most?

I have many people to THANK for being the player I am today, but the people that helped me improve my game are :

Matt Firth

Kevin Wallace

Kirk Keeley

Greg Wallace

Callum Crawford

They equally believed in my abilities and always push me to be the best player I can be.

What MLL or College Lacrosse Player Do You Model Your Game After?

I Model my game after Jordan Wolf (Duke) He’s a fast, Intense player,  and I love his tenacity 

What Is Your Favorite Subject In High School?

I love Science and Fitness, but most of all English, as it allows me to express myself

What Do You Want To Accomplish In High School?

I would like to make the honor roll and I would love to receive an Athletic Award

Top Three Colleges On Your Dream List You Want To Attend?

West Point is definitely a dream ( Army)