Athlete On The Rise...Freshman Baseball Player, Hunter Hamlin

Name: Hunter Hamlin                                   

Position: Catcher/3B


Travel Team: Head First Academy             

High School: North Penn (2018)

What aspects of your game are you working on to improve?

Speed is a HUGE key in Baseball and that’s my weakness so I am training to improve my speed.

What makes you unique?

What is unique about my game is my defensive skills behind the plate.  I’ll bat .300 for the team but I’ll bring more to the game behind the plate with controlling the game.

Who Are Your Role Models? Why?

My role model is St. Louis Cardinals catcher, Yadier Molina.  He is a clutch catcher and even the fastest players on the basepaths fear stealing against him!  He’s the best defensive catcher I have seen in my life.

What Would Your Teammates Say About You?

My teammates would say I am a fierce competitor.  I have a strong love and passion for the game.

Who Helped You Improve Your Game The Most?

I would have to say that my dad helped me improve the most.  He owns an academy and I’m there spending most of my time with him.

What Major League Baseball Player Do You Model Your Game After?

I try and model my game after Yadier Molina because of the swagger he carries and the confidence that he is the best catcher in the game.

What Is Your Favorite Subject In High School?

History has to be my favorite subject because what other subject is teaching you about the formation of your very country!

What Do You Want To Accomplish In High School?

Academically, I plan to achieve Honor Roll every year and every semester for my parents taught me to have high expectations that way.  On the baseball field, I want to be the best player I can be and impress college recruiters.

Top Three Colleges On Your Dream List You Want To Attend?

My dream colleges are Miami, Florida State and UCLA.