Athlete On The Rise...Sophomore Lacrosse Player, Aaron Grill

Name: Aaron Grill

Position: Middie

Club Team: 380 Lacrosse/Twist               

High School: Governor Mifflin (2017)


What aspects of your game are you working on to improve?

I am working on my off hand and my vision for passing.

What makes you unique?

My strengths are riding and dodging from X.

Who Are Your Role Models? Why?

My role model is Casey Powell, 2014 MLL MVP, and JoJo Morasco, Midfielder, NY Lizards.  Both players dominated their game with fluidity and set their teammates up to score.

What Would Your Teammates Say About You?

My teammates would say I am scrapper and a hard worker.

Who Helped You Improve Your Game The Most?

My High School Coaches challenged me the fall of my Freshman year to use my off hand like my dominate hand.  Also, Coach Kacy Smalls, 380 Lacrosse, has helped tremendously with my skills.

What MLL or College Lacrosse Player Do You Model Your Game After?

 I model my game after Rob Pannell, Attack, NY Lizards.

What Is Your Favorite Subject In High School?

My favorite subject is History.

What Do You Want To Accomplish In High School?

I would like to take the AP Classes and pass them all.

Top Three Colleges On Your Dream List You Want To Attend?

My dream colleges are Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Maryland but I would be grateful just to play in college.