Behind The Code...High School Baseball Player, Billy Natoli

Name: Billy Natoli 

Nickname: “Billy Bats”

 Travel Team: Erial Assault   

Position: Third Base

 High School: Paul VI High School (NJ) 

Class: 2015

 What Makes You Unique?

I am a hard worker and I am there for my friends and family whenever they need me

What can you offer a program others cannot?

I can offer a player who is there to help win and contribute to a team

Do You See Yourself As A Leader?

I am a leader because I step up in any situation. I want my teammates to look up to me and I show that when I play.

What Are Your Strengths As A Player?

I am a hard worker, reliable teammate, and a dependable athlete.

Who Are Your Role Models?

My parents because without them I wouldn\’t be where I am today

What Do You Enjoy Most About Playing Baseball?

The best part of the game of baseball is knowing that I am a member of one of the greatest games in history. What I enjoy most is knowing the fact that I get a chance to play my favorite game every day.

What Is Something You Have Learned During Your High School Athletic Career?

I have learned how to play the game the right way from my coaches and my teammates.

What Advice Would You Pass On To Other Athletes That Want To Play At The Next Level?

Some advice I would give is that by hardwork, they will play at the next level

What Would Your Teammates Say About You?

My teammates would rely on me in tough situations and they would depend on me to lead the team.

What Was The Biggest Obstacle You Overcame In Sports?

The biggest obstacle I overcame was being cut from my middle school baseball team in 8th grade. It made me feel like the past 8 years of playing meant nothing and that I will never make my high school team. I proved everyone wrong when I made the Paul VI freshman team the following year.