Behind The Code...High School Baseball Recruit, Eric Wheeler @EriWhe1

Name: Eric Wheeler              

Position: 3B, Pitcher, Outfield

High School: Niles North High School (2015)

What Aspects Of Your Game Are You Working On To Improve?

I am looking to increase the velocity of my fastball, learning a new pitch, work on my hitting mechanics, and be more fundamentally sound in the field. Especially knowing where to go in certain situations.

What Makes You Unique?

I am a great team player and leader. I will tell my teammate if they are doing something wrong and show them how to do it the right way.

Do You See Yourself As A Leader?


What Are Your Strengths As A Player?

Being up on the mound pitching.

Who Are Your Role Models? Why?

Derek Jeter because when things got hard he didn’t quit. He sure did think about it… but he didn\’t.

What Is The Best Part Of The Game of Baseball? What Do You Enjoy Most About The Sport?

The best part about baseball is that you are always learning. You will never be perfect. It kind of reflects life. Every time you step into the world or onto the field you learn something new. I enjoy being in control. There is no better feeling than being on the mound. Especially when you have your whole team behind you knowing they will make a play in the field.

What Is Something You Learned During Your High School Athletic Career?

I have learned the more you put in, the more you get out. My high school baseball career has showed me that anything is possible. If you want something you can have it. You just have to work hard towards it.

What Advice Would You Pass On To Other Athletes That Want To Play At The Next Level In College?

I would tell them to work hard at your goals and never let a day go by without practicing your sport. Even if it means watching a few videos on YouTube and learning either something about the game as a whole or something specifically about your position.

What Would Your Teammates Say About You?

I would think they would say I am a good pitcher and give good advice.

What Was The Biggest Obstacle You Overcame in Sports?

Hitting a curve ball and staying consistent with my swing.

Who Helped You Improve Your Game The Most?

Coach Sanchez and Coach Toledo.

What Are The Top Three Colleges On Your List You Want To Attend?

Illinois State University

Xavier University

University of Illinois