Behind The Code...High School Baseball Recruit, Ryan Janvier @RJanvier03

Name: Ryan Janvier                         

Position: Pitcher

High School: Chichester High School (2016)

What Aspects Of Your Game Are You Working On To Improve?

I am always working on my command in my pitches so I am able to hit my spots and pitch efficiently.

What Makes You Unique?

The way I work to my full potential in order to succeed.

Do You See Yourself As A Leader?

Yes, I do see myself as a leader.  Whether it is in the classroom or on the diamond, I am always doing everything 100%.

What Are Your Strengths As A Player?

My strengths as a baseball player would have to be my work ethic and the way I keep my composure on the field.

Who Are Your Role Models? Why?

My role models would have to be my parents – they are both hard workers and they push me to be the best I can be.

What Is The Best Part Of The Game of Baseball? What Do You Enjoy Most About The Sport?

The thing I enjoy the most in Baseball is putting in the time and effort to become better and seeing the outcome.

What Is Something You Learned During Your High School Athletic Career?

I learned that you have to work for everything you want.  You won’t earn yourself a spot unless you work for it.

What Advice Would You Pass On To Other Athletes That Want To Play At The Next Level In College?

I would tell them that they need to work for everything they want because when you are not working, someone else other there is.

What Would Your Teammates Say About You?

My teammates would say I’m a good player to be around – I like to have fun while on the field and locker room.  When game time hits, I change.

What Was The Biggest Obstacle You Overcame in Sports?

My biggest obstacle to overcome is when I was cut from a team – I wanted to just stop playing but I knew I couldn’t do that because you can’t get anywhere with a mindset like that.

Who Helped You Improve Your Game The Most?

My current High School Baseball coach has helped me a lot.  He has done a lot for me both on and off the field.

What Are The Top Three Colleges On Your List You Want To Attend?

Kutztown University, Harford College, and Shippensburg University.