Behind The Code...High School Lacrosse, Alec Oriolo

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The Player: Alec Oriolo  

Class: 2015

High School: Mt. Olive (NJ) 

Coach: Dave Gallucci

Club Team: New Jersey Thunder (West)

Position: X-Attack/Midfielder


What aspects of your game are you working on to improve?

Right now I am working moving off the ball.

What makes you unique?

My size and my speed

What can you offer a program others cannot?

My ability to play any position on the field – I am extremely versatile.

Do you see yourself as a leader? If so, how?

Definitely – I see myself as a leader and the “go to guy.” I want to be the player that everyone expects to score in key situations and big games.

What Are Your Strengths As A Player?

Physically, I would definitely say it is my size – it is definitely a strength. Also, my ability to shoot on the run and my one on one dodges.

What Is The Best Part Of The Game of Lacrosse? What Do You Enjoy Most About The Sport?

Playing the sport at a high competitive level with other players that care as much as I do.

What Is Something You Have Learned During Your High School Athletic Career?

Nothing is GIVEN – everything is EARNED!

What Advice Would You Pass On To Other Athletes That Want To Play At The Next Level?

If you want something bad enough – you have to go out and get it! You can expect anything to be handed to you.

What Would Your Teammates Say About You?

I am a hard worker and a team player.

What Was The Biggest Obstacle You Overcame in Sports?

Becoming a starter as a sophomore