Behind The Code...High School Lacrosse Player, Michael Del Vecchio

Name: Nicholas Burleigh        

Position: Attack

Travel Team: CT Rip It          

High School: Windsor High School (2015)

What Aspects Of Your Game Are You Working On To Improve? 

As a player, I\’m always looking to improve every aspect of my game.  I\’m looking forward to playing at the next level (college) and really playing at a much faster and more consistent pace.

What Are Your Strengths As A Players?

I\’m an aggressive quarterback on the field.  I love to dodge behind the cage and draw the slide and dump, but of course, if the slides not coming I\’ll always look to capitalize on the play.

Who Are Your Role Models?

My role model through my high school career has been Joey Sankey – I\’ve watched him play multiple times.  I study his style and try to imitate it on the field.

What Is The Best Part Of The Game Of Lacrosse? What Do You Enjoy The Most?

The best part of the game of lacrosse is your teammates.  Nothing is better than  having a tight group of brothers.  The love for the game creates a bond that nothing can break.

What Is Something You Learned During Your High School Career?

Through my high school career, I learned that HARD WORK beats skill when skill doesn\’t work hard.  Off season work is the key, and getting better every single day is a goal players should want to achieve.

What Advice Would You Pass On To Others Who Want To Play At The Next Level In College?

If you want to play at the next level, make sure your grades are right and you are working hard on the field.  Everyone say give 100%, but YOU have to ask yourself if YOU really are!

What Would Your Teammates Say About You?

I feel my teammates would say I am a great leader.  I try to have as much fun as possible while still trying to sustain the leadership role.

What Was The Biggest Challenge You Overcame In Sports?

The biggest obstacle I overcame in sports is starting lacrosse in 8th grade, and being able to get the opportunity to play at the collegiate level is something I really wasn\’t expecting out of lacrosse.

Who Helped You Improve The Most?

I have to say, over my lacrosse career, my 8th grade coach, Shawndell Evans, Sr., has helped me improve my game the most.  To this day, he coaches my school\’s (Windsor High School), winter varsity team.  He is a very strict, disciplined coach and it definitely helps improve every aspect of my game.