On The Grind...Basketball Coach Jamal Brunson @Coach_Brunson

On The Grind With Coach Jamal Brunson


Coach Jamal Brunson

My Game: Basketball

My Team:  Northside High School Eagles

Years On The Grind:  This is my fourth season


RT: Why Did You Get Into Coaching?

Coach Brunson: I always loved the game of basketball & what the game taught you as a person.

RTBesides Talent What Else Do You Look For?

Coach Brunson: Always look to see if the kid has heart & if the kid is coachable. Talent can only get you but so far, but if the kid has those two he/she is in great shape. Mental toughness is also very important to.

RT: Best Advice You Could Give A Player and A Parent?

Coach Brunson: Best advice I could tell a player is to always keep God first in everything you do. Academics is the number one priority & to always work on his/her game.   

RT: Do You Get Butterflies Before The Game?

Coach Brunson: Not as a coach but always when I played.

RT: What Is Your PreGame Ritual?

Coach Brunson: Saying the Lord\’s prayer

RT: Part of the game you love the most?

Coach Brunson: 4th Quarter down by 2 with one minute left. Nothing like that in the world!

RT: Practice or Game, which do you like better? Why?

Coach Brunson: Practice simply because that\’s the place you fix all your mistakes & create game plans for the next opponent. Games to me are easy, practice is always the hard part of the season.

RT: Favorite Practice Drill?

Coach Brunson: Shell 10. Always trying to improve the defense.

RTIf you didn\’t coach basketball, what else you would have coached?

Coach Brunson: Football. I use to play until I was a sophomore in high school. I\’m still a big fan of the game today.