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In today’s student-athlete recruitment world, TIMING is everything…For The College Coach and For The Student-Athlete.  The ability for a College Coach to see a potential recruit at a game – at a camp – at a showcase event, and be able to determine if that student-athlete is worth pursuing is CRITICAL.  And that is why a Mobile Profile Powered By ReQRuitME is A MUST-HAVE recruitment tool for high school Student-Athletes.

The ReQRuitMe Mobile Profile application provides Student-Athletes the opportunity to develop their own mobile profile allowing college coaches to see their academic and athletic information easily and instantly on their phone or tablet. 

A Mobile Profile powered by ReQRuitMe streamlines the process from the Student-Athlete info to the College Coach. With a scan of the Student Athlete’s specific QR code, the College Coach will see the Student Athlete’s personal mobile landing page containing tabs to the Student Athlete’s academic information; athletic statistics, a personal video message from the Student Athlete, game highlights, recommendations and contact info.

Coaches & Scouts LOVE ReQRuitME!

How Does A Student-Athlete’s ReQRuitMe Profile Benefit College Coaches? Coaches and Recruiters are constantly looking for talent – that’s their job. But they are inundated with letters and DVD’s and solicitations that they often don’t have time to watch. At camps and scouting events, they are often given rosters; but these don’t give them all the info they need to fully evaluate a player and contact them. So IF they see someone they want to scout, they have to take MORE time to request the info they need and then make their evaluation.

A Mobile Profile Powered By ReQRuitMe provides easy and instant “ON THE SPOT” access to a potential recruits information, (stats, grades, videos & more), allowing recruiters to manage their time effectively, eliminate “data overload” and identify the right student-athlete for their program quickly and more efficiently.  

If the coaches love it, and you want them to scout you, ReQRuitME is a MUST-HAVE for every student athlete!


"The ability to instantly see a potential recruit's vital statistics... while you're watching them play right there is KEY!"

– Coach Conor Ford – Drexel University

"If you are a High School Student-Athlete wanting to promote yourself to college coaches, ReQRuitME is a must have."

– Chris Goldberg – Owner, Lacrosse Media

"I have been helping players get recruited since 2006 and ReQRuitme is by far the BEST recruiting tool I have seen to date."

– Coach Kacy Small – Founder, 380 Lacrosse

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