Behind The Code…High School Lacrosse Player, Reagan Pritchett

Behind The Code…with Reagan Pritchett

Name: Reagan Pritchett         Nickname:  “The Reaganator

Sport: Lacrosse

High School: Mechanicsburg Area Senior High, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Club Team: Black Dog Legacy                       Position: Defense

What Aspects Of Your Game Are You Working On To Improve?

I am always working on improving my game.  I think you can always improve as a player.  Currently, I am working on improving my stick skills and footwork.

What Makes You Unique?

I am a strong positional defenseman

What Can You Offer A Program That Other Players Cannot?

I can offer a program size and leadership.

Do You See Yourself As A Leader On Your Team?

Yes, I consider myself a leader and I lead by example.  I feel those are some of the best leaders – people that lead by their actions.

Who Are Your Role Models?

NFL Player, Rashad Jennings, Oakland Raiders Running Back, and my Youth Pastor, Daniel Owen are my role models.  They are really good examples of godly men.

What Is Something You Have Learned During Your High School Athletic Career?

I have learned how to play smart defense without over committing.

What Advice Would You Pass Down To Other Lacrosse Players?

Positioning and communication are key for all positions.

\"\" Reagan Pritchett – Lacrosse – Black Dog Legacy (PA)