On The Grind With Lacrosse Coach Paul Jones

Background:Paul JonesNickname: u201cCoachu201du2026my second favorite thing to be called. My favorite is being called u201cDAD!u201dTeam:u00a0Western Mass SharpShooters club program and Westfield (MA) Youth Lacrosse (where I get to coach my 11 year old son)Years On The Grind:u00a0u00a0Iu201dm 46 now, and started coaching at 19u2026so Iu2019ve been coaching for 25 years.u00a0 I wouldnu2019t give up a day of it either!u00a0RT:u00a0Why Did You Get Into Coaching?Coach Jones:u00a0When I first started, it was because my former high school needed a JV coach, and I happened to be availableu00a0RT:u00a0Besides Talent What Else Do You Look For?Coach Jones:u00a0Talent is important, but I actually look at...

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